Kamis, 08 Oktober 2009

Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Komunikasi The London School of Public Relation – Jakarta

Public Relation



- Is not one of the advertising but including of communication in organization.

- Public relation always include in all organization.

- Isn’t always get profit

- Public relations only get income with sell his / her time and skill that hey have.

- Public relation is always concern how to build a good image in front of public to create understanding

- To influence the public / only to follow out belief.

- To make people fulfil our needs.

- Insists in persuade people.

- To gain support for an opinion.

- Manipulate cognitions.

- Advertising move in marketing and promote something.

- Advertising is not use by all of organizations.

- The selling must be making sure to get profit and create awareness of branding.

- Advertising get the main income from commission.

- Working in full concept.

1. Distinguish between Public Relation, Advertising and Propaganda?

2. Explain the view that Public Relation is not always a free Advertising?

Public relation needs media to deliver news or information, but they are not pay for the media or free. Sometimes Public Relation is not always a free advertising. Example, Public Relation will arangge pers conference, so, they are have to invite journalist,cameramen or reporter to give importance information. So, Public Relation must pay for them.

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